Business Concept

Act as the private equity arm of Grupo Leste, with a mandate for dynamic capital allocation, across multiple sectors of the economy. LPE seeks to create value on its investments by working closely with management of its invested companies, bringing together the expertise of the different teams of Grupo Leste in the strategic and financial decisions of the companies in the portfolio.




LPE seeks investment opportunities where we can implement a new concept of management, with new growth targets and an investment horizon between 5 and 7 years. We can make investments independently or through club deals, as long as the interest of all parties are fully aligned.


We look for companies that we believe have a proven operational record, strong growth potential, and a talented and aligned management.


LPE invests in businesses across different sectors, consistent with our economic outlook, and can take either a controlling interest or an active minority one. We focus on middle-market growth equity.


We work together with owners and managers to realize a common strategic vision through operational improvement, implementation of high standards of corporate governance as well as use of Leste’s financial expertise and relationship network.

Invested Companies

  • Bluefit
    Bluefit is an operator and franchisor of low cost fitness centers founded in Greater São Paulo. The company offers high quality equipment and infrastructure, combined with the latest trends in group lessons, at affordable monthly fees.
  • Fábrica de Bolo
    Fábrica de Bolo Vó Alzira is a franchisor of cake shops, with products at affordable prices and low investment needs. The company has over 200 franchises, mainly located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Conseg
    Conseg is an independent consortium administrator in Brazil. A consortium is a traditional, regulated form of crowdfunding common in Brazil for financing the acquisition of capital or durable goods, by individuals as well as companies. Conseg provides financing for trucks, tractors, light vehicles and housing.
  • GoWork
    GoWork is a São Paulo based coworking operator specialized in custom workspaces for companies. The company also offers shared or private desks with quality infrastructure and competitive prices.
  • LPE Health I
    Private Equity Fund with R$ 120 million in AuM focused in healthcare investments.
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