Leste Real Estate invests in highly specialized and thematic real estate strategies in both the US and Brazil. By having a solid presence in the US and Brazil, we understand the challenges of executing investments both from an onshore and offshore perspective.

Our approach to real estate equity investing is guided by disruptive forces, demographic trends, market dislocations and supply/demand imbalances, enabling us to invest opportunistically across market cycles and into both traditional and niche asset classes. We work closely with nationally recognized, real estate industry leaders who possess state-of-the-art management and operating teams which, added to our financial expertise and capabilities, enable us to build scalable platforms that deliver superior risk adjusted returns to our investors.

Leste Real Estate has extensive experience in successfully managing vehicles with gross asset value in excess of US$800 million across diverse asset classes ranging from multifamily housing to single-family homes built for rent, healthcare real estate, hospitality and office buildings.

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