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Our Approach

Focusing on principles that matter most.

creating value

We focus on how to create value for our investors

We optimize value by leveraging talent, opportunity, and institutional infrastructure.

Our commitment is reinforced by investing partners' capital in every managed strategy, aligning our interests with those of our investors.


Attracting Exceptional Talent for Superior Results

Our operating model is designed to attract top-tier investment teams and operators in the market. We prioritize aligning employees with successful investment outcomes on behalf of our valued clients, ensuring a shared commitment to achieving superior results.


Seizing Opportunities Across Asset Classes

We maintain a keen focus on strategies driven by disruptive forces, demographic trends, market dislocations, and distressed opportunities. This agile approach empowers us to capitalize on opportunities across market cycles, leveraging both traditional and niche asset classes to deliver strong returns.


Robust Institutional Infrastructure

Leste Group boasts a robust institutional infrastructure. This includes shared resources across key functions such as Legal, Compliance, Finance, Information Technology, and Risk Management. Additionally, our Investor Relations team is dedicated to providing exceptional support and guidance to our valued investors.


Stability and Alignment with Proprietary Capital

Through partnerships and joint ventures, our partners seed new strategies and ensure complete alignment with our clients' interests. This long-term and stable capital source serves as a solid foundation for our dynamic growth, reinforcing our commitment to delivering consistent value and meeting our clients' evolving needs.

Our History

2024 – Net Strategies, New Markets

March 2024:
Expansion of Private Equity platform into North America

May 2024:
Launched LNL Capital

2014 - Our Inception

June 2014:
Leste Group founded in Rio de Janeiro. Formation of Global Investments business unit for liquid strategies, and Leste Real Estate Brazil

September 2014:
Formation of Leste Private Equity Brazil business unit

December 2014:
Opening of São Paulo office

2015 – Expanding our Strategies

May 2015:
Formation of Structured Credit business unit & corporate non-performing loans (NPL) business unit

June 2015:
Formation of Leste Litigation Finance business unit

September 2015:
Opening of Miami office and formation of Leste Credit and Leste Real Estate both focused in the US

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Investments that make a difference.


Miami: +1 305 929-9200

New York: +1 212 284 7660

São Paulo: +55 11 2104-6860

Rio de Janeiro: +55 21 2123-2150

Bogotá: +57 312 433-5587


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