Our Approach

Focusing on principles that matter most.

Creating Value

We focus on how to create value for our investors

By combining talent, opportunity, and institutional infrastructure, we are able to extract the most value for our investors.
We align our interests with those of our investors, by investing partners’ capital in every investment strategy we manage.

Attracting the Best Talent in the Market

Our operating model was developed to attract the best investment teams and operators in the market. Employees are aligned with successful investment outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Investing Opportunistically Across Asset Classes

We focus on strategies guided by disruptive forces, demographic trends, market dislocations and pockets of distress. This enables us to invest opportunistically across market cycles and into both traditional and niche asset classes.

Strong Institutional Infrastructure

Leste Financial Services manages the centralized infrastructure and shared personnel across Leste Group: Legal, Compliance, Finance, Information Technology and Risk Management. Leste Capital Markets provides distribution, investor relations and marketing services to all business units.

Proprietary Capital

Partners seed new strategies and form joint ventures, ensuring complete alignment with our clients. This long-term and stable capital source provides a strong foundation for our dynamic growth.

Our History

2014 – Our Inception

June 2014:
Leste Group founded in Rio de Janeiro. Formation of Global Investments business unit for liquid strategies, and Leste Real Estate Brazil

September 2014:
Formation of Leste Private Equity Brazil business unit

December 2014:
Opening of São Paulo office and launch of Global Multi-Strategy Fund

2015 – Expanding our Strategies

May 2015:
Formation of Structured Credit business unit & corporate non-performing loans (NPL) business unit

June 2015:
Formation of Leste Litigation Finance business unit

September 2015:
Opening of Miami office and formation of Leste Credit and Leste Real Estate both focused in the US

2016 – Global Expansion

January 2016:
Launch of Leste Credit FIM Fund

August 2016:
Launch of Leste Credit Opportunity Fund

November 2016:
Leste sells majority stake in corporate NPL business to BTG Pactual, creating Enforce Group

December 2016:
Opening of London office and launch of the hedge fund focused on European markets

2017 – Strategy Development

January 2017:
Launch of Leste Event Driven FIM Fund

April 2017:
Launch of Leste MG Multifamily Fund

2018 – Building Investment Opportunities

January 2018:
Launch of Leste Credit ABS FIM Fund

March 2018:
Launch of Leste Golub Real Estate Fund

2019 – Expanding on Opportunity

February 2019:
Launch of Leste CL Hospitality Fund

March 2019:
Launch of Leste European Opportunities Fund

August 2019:
Launch of Leste CP Brasil FIC FIM CP Fund

December 2019:
Launch of Leste Flagler Healthcare Fund

December 2019:
Leste USA and Leste Capital Partners (FL) register with the SEC

2020 – Maintaining Trajectory

July 2020:
Launch of Leste FIDC CID Fund

September 2020:
Launch of Leste Litigation FIM Fund

November 2020:
Enforce becomes the largest corporate NPL business in Brazil

2021 – Innovating Across Sectors

July 2021:
Launch of Leste Kapital Mobility Services